Apa yang Anda Suka Baca di Blog Jahitan

Saya nak buat macam poll dibawah ni tapi memandangkan tak ramai yang membaca blog ni, saya ambil poll ni dari blog kegemaran saya sebagai rujukan.

Poll diambil dari: sewaholic.net

Apa yang anda suka baca di blog jahitan?

Berdasarkan poll diatas, majoriti suka bila blog jahitan yang dibaca menunjukkan:

  1. Tutorial dan cara membuatnya(736 votes)
  2. Projek jahitan yang dah siap(688 votes)
  3. Projek jahitan yang sedang dibuat(entah siap ke tak)(376 votes)
  4. Kerja di belakang tabir(364 votes)
  5. Q&A(300 votes)
  6. Menulis tentang sesuatu yang memberi inspirasi(289 votes)
  7. Gaya hidup(menulis tentang hal peribadi)(237 votes).

Kalau kita tengok jumlah ‘votes’, boleh nampak majoriti suka tengok tutorial dan cara membuat projek jahitan. Saya pun suka blog yang banyak tutorial tapi lagilah best kalau tutorial tu ditunjukkan dalam bentuk video. Bagi seorang ‘beginner’, nak ikut cara menjahit dengan tengok gambar sahaja memang agak susah sikit. Tapi nak buat video pun bukannya senang. Sebabtu kalau ada yang boleh buat dalam dua bentuk(gambar dan video) memang dia sepatutnya dihargai.

Antara komen-komen yang menarik dari pengundi² yang membuat ‘votes’ diatas:


“Finished products are great, of course! I may be in the minority here, but I do like seeing works-in-progress, too. I enjoy the process of sewing as much as wearing the finished product, and it’s interesting to me to see how people tackle different problems that come up in the making. Since I tend to do a lot of in-progress stuff on my own blog, especially when I’m tackling more complicated projects that take me longer to finish, I hope that’s not too boring for people!”- Betty

“I like variety in a blog, but mainly I read to learn. Explanations of a technique and why it’s used, how to deal with a fitting issue, how to work with different fabrics and detail photos of parts of a garment to show it’s construction.” – Shari

“I don’t mind ‘life stories’ or ‘thoughtful’ posts as I call them. However I do like them to be triggered by something sewing related, or something about sewing and the process that gets you thinking about the ‘big picture’ of life. The few bits and pieces I have thrown out there have sometime elicted really interesting responses and as the writer I have really enjoyed that.”- Lizzy

“I DO like tutorials because those are usually just one post, not days and days of posts. And, I do like seeing works in progress and if there is a tricky bit of construction, a tutorial on just that thing is great. “- elisabeth


“I think what I’m most likely to skip, on the days that I’m feeling rather behind on my Google Reader, are the posts that are just about someone’s kids or vacations or whatever. While I respect that people can post whatever they want on their blogs, I feel like for me, that’s not really what a sewing/craft blog is about. So I pretty much try to keep that stuff off of my own blog, unless it’s something I can tie in to the “main subject” (i.e. I posted about my engagement because I’m sewing my wedding dress).”

“I’m not a fan of progress posts before the final garment is finished. It’s difficult to build up enthusiasm when you don’t know what the final garment will look like, so I’m only likely to look at them if I happen to be making the same thing.”

“I can take or leave other peoples lives, they can always be skipped over if I’m not in the mood. As I don’t post anything about my own not very interesting life, I don’t feel in any position to look into others. ( I am a very introverted).”

“I personally find it a bit disconcerting to just see post after post of just finished garments. It makes it seem like they just whipped up something with no effort whatsoever.”

Selepas baca semua komen diatas, barulah dapat idea sikit macammana nak membuat perubahan dalam blog ni. Dalam bulan ni saya tulis yang santai² saje sebagai latihan menulis blog. InsyaAllah dalam masa akan datang lebih banyak topik jahitan yang akan ditulis di sini.




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